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Iruña Beach, el mix de cultura navarra y música electrónica

El grupo compuesto por César Zubiri y Guillermo Quero crean Iruña Beach, una canción que recoge el mestizaje de la cultura navarra con el acordeón con la música electrónica. 

Una canción alegre y divertida que con su base rítmica, sampler de voz, teclados y acordeón tienen como objetivo el baile y la diversión de sus oyentes. Tras sin dos años sin Sanfermines, Zubiri y Quero quieren transmitir con Iruña Beach «una energía especial para revitalizar y subir el alma mientras se disfruta y baila», explican. 

La playa de San Sebastián también tiene cierto protagonismo, ya que ambos han querido dar un homenaje a todos los veranos dónde han sido acogidos por el pueblo guipuzcoano y por ser sus playas de referencia. 


Mediterranean based House producer Doctor Together serves up a strong cut of house music with Balearic vibes. The smooth chord progressions and subtle grooving rhythm brings you those classic Ibiza vibes we all love and cherish.

After releasing his first album, Transition (self- released in 2021), Doctor Together’s ‘CANDY’ is a summer anthem perfect to enjoy while relaxing and taking in some sun at the beach.

Doctor Together is an individual project by an experienced Spanish musician who prefers to remain anonymous, with advanced jazz studies and experience in famous pop rock groups such as LoquilloSka-P or Ramoncín. He has decided to let himself be carried away by electronics and be influenced by St Germain or Daft Punk, with guitar and bass riffs with a lot of funk influences. Doctor Together manages to integrate many styles into simple songs, themes that transmit calm and pleasant feelings, always with positivity radiating through the instrumentation.

Doctor Together releases latest single ‘Transition’

Born from the feeling of a need for change, ‘Transition’ creates sonic tranquillity and peace through his experimentation with different electronic sounds. The steady movement of the track makes us feel like we’re floating in the sea under the summer sun!

With his origins in pop and Jazz, Doctor Together is a versatile artist that has collaborated with artists such as Loquillo, Ramoncín and Ska-P. Doctor Together is a new project for this talented artist and signals the start of a new and more personal stage in his artistic development.